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Why Aloha Academy?

Our trainer utilizes methods that are force-free, correction-free, and relationship based. Learn how we can work together to build confidence for both you AND your companion!


Sarah Lindholm is a graduate of Karen Pryor Academy. Karen Pryor is a pioneer in force-free methods and introduced marking & rewarding to the world of animal training. Sarah utilizes these scientifically proven, modern training techniques to train reliable behavior without the need for corrections or physical control! 

Aloha Academy Courses

Dog Training Courses

Puppy Start Right Preschool

$185/4 classes

Puppy Preschool is officially in session! This course is an early socialization class for puppies ages 9 - 16 weeks old that focuses on exposure to a variety of stimuli in a positive manner to build confidence from the start! As well as educating pet parents on how to maintain a positive approach to problem-solving, prevention, and training—without the use of punishment. Classes take place once a week over the course of 4 weeks. Each week a different training topic, exploration activity, and several prevention & problem solving topics, are gone over. Weekly homework is also provided for completion before the next upcoming class. Encourage a confident & trusting relationship with your new puppy from the start!

Fetch Club


Welcome to our enrichment daycare! This level of structured small group play was developed for dogs that thrive in smaller social settings or struggle navigating their own arousal levels in a typical large group play environment. Fetch Club works to meet both the physical & mental needs of your dog with plenty of rest & relaxation periods between exercises & activities. Each dog is sent home with a Ruff Report to give a direct recap of their day to their parents!

Day Academy

$675/4 week session

School is in session! Day Academy takes place 2 different days during the week, over the course of 4 weeks. Let us work on establishing the foundations while you just worry about when to pick them up! Students get the best of both worlds by enjoying small group play with other Day Academy between training sessions, as well as plenty of rest & relaxation breaks. Students typically begin with our Rookie curriculum & once they graduate, have the option to continue further education in our Intermediate curriculum. Homework is given to parents at the end of each week via video format through our private Facebook group.

Private Training

$750/6 sessions

Need a more individualized training approach? This in-home training option is customizable to your dog’s needs in an environment that they’re most comfortable in! You’ll receive in person coaching from our certified trainer so you feel equipped to begin navigating your dog’s behavior with a new approach. Each session is an hour and includes homework & exercise videos on how to continue reinforcing desired behaviors!

Lodge & Learn


Give your dog a vacation like getaway at Aloha Academy! Your dog receives lessons 5 days a week for 4 weeks, while they remain overnight with us. We take full rein for a while so we can return your dog more confident & with a wider skillset. This course aims to spend plenty of time generalizing cues in various environments to set them up for success while working in the real world! Monday through Friday, dogs spend their day learning through multiple individual lessons, have the option to participate in small group play alongside Day Academy friends, as well as having plenty of rest & relaxation breaks. Enrollment in this course requires a 50% deposit prior to the start date.

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